Causes we’ve done benefits for: Anarchists Against The Cuts, AP Equipment Upgrade, AP Distro, Bristol & Bath Hunt Sabs, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective, Bath Activist Network, Bath Anarchist Revolutionary Forces (BARF), Bristol Antifa, Bristol No Borders, Doctors Without Borders, EDO Decommissioners, Free Renata Zelazna, Last Hours Zine, Moscow Antifa, South West Against Nuclear, Stop Hinkley Point, Taunton Activist Collective, Taunton Association for the Homeless, Taunton Vegan FayreTaunton Womens Refuge, UK Tek 6, West Quay Records, and Yeovil Womens Refuge.

Artists we’ve put on: 2 Sick Monkeys, 51st State, Anarcho Folko, As We Sink!, Bats About Bats, Bare Bones, BrainDead, Bring To Ruins, The Casual Terrorist, Comply or Die, Clayton Blizzard, CuntaminatedCrazy Arm, Damages, Dane Howells, Dead Subverts, The Directors, Distortion UK, Donnie BrascoDouble VeteranEd WoodEnglish DogsGrand CollapseHacksaw, Hated Till Proven, Hater UKThe Infirm, The Liabilities, Fatha of the Cods, Fights & Fires, Firepit Collective, Jake Van Perlo, King Tuts Revenge, Luvdump, Mad Apple Circus, Mouth, Murder of Crows, Noah Spits, Officer Down, Olive Anne, Oxygen Thief, Primeval Soup, Private GainPo-lice, Rash Decision, Rat Attack, Rat Bandits, Rita Lynch, Roughmute, Room 4 1 More, Shavin MavisSick On The BusSickpig, Sickwax, Slagerij, Spanner, Some Sort of Threat, Steve French and the Big Cats, Subgenerates, This Ends HereThreat Manifesto, Two Minute Hour, The Vexed, Virus, War/SystemThe Waterboarders and Wormwood.

Other comrades: Bastard Squad Collective, Brighton Hunt Sabs, Bristol Anarchist Federation, Carrot Comics, The Factory Social Centre, Farmhouse Kitchen Records, G C Music & Collectables, Kebele Community Co-op, Jon @ Tony’s Music, Live ‘N’ Up Promotions, Old Hat Promotions/Records, Prisoner of War, Pumpkin Records, Riot Ska Records, SchNEWS, Smash EDO and Taunton Vegans.

Venues we use(d): The Blake Arms (B1), The Hobgoblin (B3), Pen & Quill / Roadhouse (T), The Quicksilver Mail (Y), The Red Lion (B2), Shadow Lounge (T), The Westgate Inn (T) and The Winchester Arms (T).

T = Taunton / B1 = Bridgwater / B2 = Bristol / B3 = Bath / Y = Yeovil

Last updated: January 2012

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